“I have been very pleased with the work Restored Design and Remodel have done for three projects. The first project was a deck and because of the finished product and honest and sincere approach I have hired them for the other two, which were an attic remodel and currently finishing up my kitchen.  I would say everything on the list would be rated an A.

Always on time

Very detailed

Hires professional and reliable subs

Organized with billing, expenses, etc.

He has always been close to his bids

Has a realistic approach to what a customer is asking for and what it will cost.”

- Karen, West Seattle 



“I am very pleased to have Caleb as my contractor - and I have high standards! Caleb is professional, responsible, and a very good communicator. He and his crew are trustworthy and pleasant to work with; they are experienced and care about doing a good job. Some projects took longer than projected but that goes with the territory. His invoices detail every material purchased and hour spent by each employee.

What else to tell you? I did a major remodel of my previous house and there is no comparison between the contractor experiences! Caleb will be the first person I turn to for future projects.”

- Frances, Seattle 



“Thanks for asking me to be a reference for Caleb Quick. He is the BEST contractor I’ve ever worked with (and I’ve been a home owner for 35+ years). I first met Caleb (who was highly recommended to me) when I had a moisture problem in my house. There was potential for HUGE costly issues to fix the problem. Caleb was as thrilled as I was when he was able to tell me that the repairs were minor. He could have convinced me that I needed all sorts of work done – and he didn’t. So when my dishwasher flooded my house while I was out of town, of course he was the one I called. His response was immediate. Through Caleb I ended up dealing with several subcontractors --plumbers, floor experts, electricians, etc. I was just as impressed with all his ‘crew’ as I was with Caleb. Next, he tackled my shed – where the floor had completely rotted out. He is scheduled to do my roof next summer and then a fence and then – I’m sure there will be something else.

 The quality of Caleb’s work is phenomenal as is his honesty and work ethic. I am retired and on a fixed income. Caleb has worked with me to provide high quality solutions within my income limitations. My only regret is that I didn’t find Caleb earlier in my home-owning journey. I have worked with dozens of contractors over the years – Caleb Quick and his crew are the

BEST! Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.”

- Kathy, Redmond

“We chose Restored Design and Remodel for our bathroom renovation because of their integrity and trustworthiness.  Excellent skills in carpentry, proven subcontractors, and flexibility in design confirmed that our confidence was well-placed.  If you are looking for reliable, skilled workmanship and a finished product you can be proud of, don’t hesitate to contact Caleb and the team at Restored Design and Remodel.  We look forward to working with them again.”                                  

      - Steve and Hilary, Shoreline


“You could have used all the accolades in existence as a testimonial from us…you did such a fabulous job for us; not to mention your patience with me, Ms. Particular. If we decide to do any more remodeling, you’ll be the first person we call.

Thanks, again, for the meticulous job you did for us.”

- Geoff and Jan, Bellevue