Initial Meeting

From the beginning we work diligently to create a design, budget and timeline that fits each customers’ specifications.

On The Job

A lead carpenter remains on the job from beginning to end.  This carpenter is the primary manager for the job and can be approached with any questions, comments or concerns.  A job book will remain on the premises for the duration of the project.  The job book allows the lead carpenter to leave detailed notes and questions for the customer to review.

In addition, we strive to be respectful of our customers’ time and space.  We uphold the following policies:

  • Exercise care and attention to the protection of the customer’s home and possessions
  • Clean up the construction site daily
  • Maintain safety on-site
  • Hire trusted and valued subcontractors with whom we have developed strong working relationships
  • Consider the customer’s particular needs and wishes: kids, pets, plants, parking, neighbors, etc.
  • Perform each project safely and properly. Do not cut corners!

Post Project

At the end of each project we will perform a final walk-through to ensure customer satisfaction.